Top Flutter app Projects ideas for Beginners 2024


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Welcome to the world of Flutter, where innovation and simplicity converge to create stunning mobile applications. If you’re a beginner eager to dive into the realm of app development, you’re in the right place. Devstree Australia presents a curated list of exciting Flutter app project ideas to kickstart your journey.

Make a Login Screen:

Embark on your Flutter journey by creating a sleek and secure login screen. This fundamental component is a stepping stone for more complex app functionalities, providing hands-on experience with Flutter’s widget system and state management.

Build E-commerce and Social Media Apps using Flutter:

Venture into the dynamic world of e-commerce or social media by developing Flutter apps. Explore UI design, user interaction, and integration of functionalities such as product listings, user profiles, and real-time updates, laying the foundation for scalable projects.

Flutter Blog App:

Combine your love for writing and coding by crafting a Flutter blog app. Learn about data handling, content organization, and dynamic UI creation. Enhance your skills in implementing features like comments, likes, and sharing functionality.

Build FoodPanda & Uber Eats Clone App:

Put your skills to the test by developing a FoodPanda or Uber Eats clone. Dive into geolocation services, payment gateways, and real-time order tracking. This project not only hones your Flutter skills but also explores the intricate details of app logistics.

Build a Scientific Calculator in Flutter:

Delve into the world of mathematics and user interface design by creating a scientific calculator. This project offers insight into custom widgets, mathematical operations, and responsive UI layouts.

Build Instagram Clone using Flutter and Firestore:

Immerse yourself in the realm of social media app development with an Instagram clone. Utilize Firebase Firestore for real-time data updates, implement image uploading, and explore Flutter’s rich widget ecosystem.

To-Do List App:

Master the basics of task management and state management by building a To-Do list app. This project provides a solid foundation for understanding Flutter’s stateful widgets and helps you implement essential app features.


Congratulations on embarking on your Flutter journey! These project ideas are designed to provide hands-on experience in diverse aspects of app development. Whether you’re interested in UI design, data handling, or integrating real-time features, these projects cater to various skill levels.

As you tackle these projects, remember that the journey is as important as the destination. Embrace challenges, seek innovative solutions, and continuously expand your skill set. Devstree Australia wishes you an exciting and fulfilling experience as you bring your Flutter app ideas to life in 2024.